An Underrated NES Game That You Need To Play

An Underrated NES Game That You Need To Play

The NES library is one of the most stacked libraries in all of gaming! You know all the classics, but today we are looking at a game that is a ton of fun but does not get the love it deserves. If you are looking for something different to play on your NES or even your NES Classic, this is well worth a play through.


G.I Joe

Here is one of the better licensed games on the NES and it is one that is great even if you are not a G.I Joe fan. This is a side scrolling action/shooter game. Each level has you playing as a specific G.I Joe character. However, you can also pick two additional characters for each mission. Each level is split into different sections. The first section will see you need to make your way to a Cobra base. Once inside the base, you are working against a time limit to place bombs to take down the base. The final section sees you take on a boss. these are classic characters like Destro and Cobra Commander.

G.I Joe looks good, sounds good and it is a lot of fun to play. You can get enemy vehicles and there is plenty of power ups for you to collect. You need to keep an eye on your stamina and your ammo so there is quite a bit of strategy as well as all the action. The real challenge comes from figuring out which characters suit your play style best and when to use them. Released as the popularity of G.I Joe was dying down a little and as the SNES was on the way. G.I Joe never got the time to shine that it deserved.


It may not seem the most obvious choice for an NES game that is worth a play through, but G.I Joe is a real classic and a fun game that you will have a great time with.


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  • JerryTerrifying on

    I loved this game as a kid. I’m still working for a copy to toss on the shelf.

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