The Awesomeness That Was The Sega CD

The Awesomeness That Was The Sega CD

No matter if you call it the Sega CD or the Mega CD. Sega’s add-on for their Mega Drive/Genesis is something that you will have an opinion on if you are a retro gamer.

Growing up in the 90’s it is impossible to overlook the hype that came with the Sega CD. It was something that every kid on the playground had heard about, was intrigued by and was actually interested in. The price point may have put it out of the reach for many kids at the time as well as parents not really understanding exactly what it was.

Still, the Sega CD had a lot of charm and for those that experienced it during its initial run. It was something that blew their mind. It is easy to look at the Sega CD and say it was a huge failure and in all honesty, in terms of sales it really did not set the world on fire.

However, when you first saw a game like Sonic CD and you saw that breathtaking intro which featured full animation, an actual song and then the levels that were huge and more impressive than the regular Sonic games, you knew you were looking at something special. A game like Batman Returns with its vehicle sections also showed just how much more power the Sega CD had than your standard Genesis.

For those that did not have a Sega CD or only read about it in magazines, it may not have seemed all that special. Yet for those lucky enough to have one underneath their Genesis or snuggly sitting beside it. It offered a world of fun games that boasted cinematics, real songs and a lot of fun.

So while the Sega CD did not win the 16-bit war like Sega had hoped it is still an add-on that many people have fond memories of.


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