The Resurgence of Retrogaming

The Resurgence of Retrogaming

The first days of gaming were extremely important, and most people over 30 still remember those times in the 80s when they stayed at home with their families and played games. It’s an amazing memory and one that will always be cherished and fondly remembered. That being said, the videogame world has evolved a lot. Now it’s a fully fledged industry, and it features tons of incredible games, massive companies put hundreds of people on a single project, the visual fidelity is insane as well. But you have to wonder, why do people want to play a retrogame video game?

The primary reason behind the resurgence of retrogaming has to do with gameplay quality. Although most of the modern games look pretty, not all of them have a very good gameplay. On the contrary, most of them have a repetitive gameplay, and that can be quite problematic for people that just want to have fun.

One thing to note about the retrogame video game experience is that it was always fun and exciting. You had a lot of creativity back in the day, with games like Contra, Mario and Metal Slug being unique, interesting and very challenging. Since modern games need to cater to a larger audience, they tend to simplify the experience. Games today are more accessible, easier to play by design and they don’t really pose a challenge anymore.

Another reason behind the resurgence of retrogaming is the monetization aspect in today’s game world. Some companies share their games for free, but they put weapons or various content pieces behind a paywall. Sometimes these paid elements are cosmetics, other times they are entire regions. Retro games never had such a thing, and that’s what made them special. You had the entire game, you could play without a problem. There was an initial charge, and that’s it.

Moreover, modern games are quite expensive. Retro games aren’t expensive at all. Sure, some of the rarer games can be expensive, but most retro games are actually affordable, and even the consoles can be had for cheap on sites like eBay for example. And since the retrogame video game experience is pretty much as varied as the modern one, you won’t lose any of the fun.

But maybe the most important reason why we see a resurgence of retrogaming is that people want to ditch the complicated mechanics, and they want to play something whenever they want. Retro games were simple by design, even if they had their own challenges. They never held your hand, but you always learned how to surpass all the challenges.

And then there’s the feeling of nostalgia that you get from the retrogame video game experience. Being able to relive some of the cherished moments from your childhood while playing the same game you did 20-30 years ago is just amazing. There’s no feeling like it, which is why you should consider checking out some of the retro games. It’s just an incredible opportunity and one that will show you the true value videogames have in your life!


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  • Alegandro on

    Im in Tokyo now the 2nd time in 2017/2018 and went to Akiba offcourse and bought some good retro stuff. Love to visit this country and go retro hunting :)

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