Top Retro Game Consoles

Top Retro Game Consoles

Even today, retro games are incredibly fun. Even though so many people still love to play retro games finding a retro games console can be very hard. Luckily, you aren’t the only one which is why there have been multiple companies to provide you with a reliable retro console that will let you play your favorite old school games. These retro gaming consoles come preloaded with a variety of games from different consoles making them even more convenient to use. Here are the best retro consoles that offer the best value for an exceptional price.

Nintendo NES Classic

If you’re a Nintendo fan then you’ll absolutely love the Nintendo NES Classic along with all the games it has packed into it. This retro console is loaded with some of the best Nintendo games from the 80’s that will keep you entertained for quite a while. Buying the Nintendo NES Classic is currently the only way you can play games like Mario Bros or the original Mega Man games at home legally. It emulates only the 30 of the most popular NES games with NES replica controllers but can be modded to run more games.

Retron 5

Retron 5 is possibly one of the few retro consoles on the market that offers a range of games from most retro consoles including the NES and Game Boy Advance. From Atari to Sega and even Nintendo, this retro gaming console runs all the most popular hits from the 80’s and 90’s. What makes this such a great buy is the affordable price and support for all classic controllers!

Retro Freak

If you’re looking for a top of the line retro gaming console to run the best retro games then the Retro Freak is one of the best choices for you. The Retro Freak comes preloaded with an amazing of line-up of 8-bit and 16-bit with the sole exception of NES games. Though it can be a bit costly and requires you to use a separate adapter to connect the classic controllers, it still delivers an amazing line-up of games and works flawlessly.

Atari Flashback 7 Deluxe

Atari used to make some of the best games back in the day which is why it’s no surprise they also managed to make a retro console that would run them even today. The Atari Flashback 7 Deluxe is by far one of the best retro gaming consoles on the market that supports almost all Atari 2600 games except a few licensed classics. At an affordable price and along with 2 wireless classic joysticks this is a must-have for anyone that likes good old retro games.

RetroRom: Raspberry

RetroRom: Raspberry though might be a bit more expensive but is simply the best retro gaming console on the market simply due to the massive line-up of games it supports. The RetroRom: Raspberry is an all-in-one retro gaming emulation that even offers seamless emulation of PlayStation 1 games along with all old school games like Zelda and Contra. The RetroRom: Raspberry comes in a custom 3D printed case along with 2 high-quality NES controllers as well as having integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


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