Top Retro Games You Owe Yourself to Play

Top Retro Games You Owe Yourself to Play

Even today, Retro games hold a special place in our hearts. Anyone that has played games in the good old days you know just how enjoyable they can be. On the other hand, if you’ve never played a retro game then you’re missing out on more than you can imagine! Whether you’re someone who has never played a retro game or someone that’s itching to experience some good old fashion games again, we compiled this list of the top 5 retro games that you owe yourself to play,

Super Mario Bros

This is without a doubt the game that made Nintendo the famous multi-million corporation it is today. Super Mario Bros is one of the few games that you just can’t get tired of playing even years after its release. It’s one of the few games that manage to establish the perfect balance between being fun, challenging yet simple enough for anyone to play. With its catchy music, challenging gameplay and fast-paced action, Super Mario Bros Is a game that both fans of the classics and modern Mario games can enjoy.

DOOM (The Original)

FPS games back in the day were similar to Dungeon Crawlers and mostly played the same way – except DOOM. When DOOM came out back in the day people were thirsty for something new, challenging and filled with violence which was a gap DOOM filled magnificently well. DOOM was an anomaly on the gaming scene back in the day and much like the new Remake/Sequel, it was filled with fast-paced action where you needed to take down demons in the most violent ways possible.

Final Fantasy VI

The Final Fantasy Series is yet to have a game that could be categorized as truly being while the number of amazing games in the series is truly stunning. Even among all fifteen high-quality titles, Final Fantasy VI manages to stand out as one of the finest non-3D Final Fantasy games with an amazing story that will keep you immersed for hours. What the game lacks in graphics it more than makes up for it with its amazing story and gameplay mechanics making it one of the best retro games that you owe yourself to play.

Sonic the Hedgehog (The Classics)

As surprising as it may be, Sonic used to be as good or even better than Mario games back in the day before Sega decided to start making Sonic games in 3D. With crazy fast gameplay to the amazing loops, corkscrews, and clever environmental tricks the original Sonic series hasn’t lost any of its charm even after all these days. This is one of the few retro games that gets better the older it gets, like fine wine. 

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Hate it when games tell you what to do? Then The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is exactly the game you need to play. This is a top-down Zelda game that is filled with secrets and a world that truly lets you get lost. You can just turn this game on and spends hours staying lost and having the best time of your life which is only made better by the diverging light and dark wor

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