Why Old School Games Were So Fun

Why Old School Games Were So Fun

We’re living in the golden age of gaming in which games are respected more as an art form than an actual pass time. With the rise of esports and competitive gaming, Gaming has finally become mainstream but that doesn’t mean that games became more “Fun”. As the technology behind gaming has improved over the years, game developers have been able to do more and more with the games they create but this necessarily doesn’t make them more enjoyable to play than old school games. This is one of the major reasons why so many gamers that know the joy and excitement of old school games still play them today.

More Variety & Charm

Even though developers have much more hardware capabilities to make visually appealing and larger games, games today are almost identical in their mechanics in gameplay. The variety y low compared of games on the market are embarrassingly low compared to the olden days of gaming. If you make a list of your favorite FPS games on an Xbox or PlayStation you will easily be able to fill it games that are exclusively first-person shooters whereas when you try the same thing for a retro gaming console you’ll find that your list will contain a blend of games that just can’t be specified entirely as platformers or shooters.

This amazing diversity is one of the biggest reasons why games in the old days were so exciting and genuinely fun to play. Whenever you would pick up a game it would be distinctively different from any other game in the same genre which gave them a charm which modern games just can’t replicate.

The Stunning Lack of Single Player Games

It’s no news to anyone that most game developers and publishers are more focused on delivering a multiplayer experience that promises long-term financial income rather than a one-time single purchase for their games.

Even though there are some exceptional studios like Bethesda and CD Projekt Red that make amazing single player games with compelling stories but compared to a few years ago where the only multiplayer option was playing with a friend in split screen multiplayer on the same console, things have surely become much different. Retro games simply had some of the best story-driven games like the Final Fantasy Franchise, Dragon Quest, Phantasy Star and so many more that are still some of the best game you can play today.

Retro Games Were Just More Fun!

When it all comes down to it, retro games were just more fun to play. Unlike games today, you actually had to keep playing them to get better at them and every time you’d advance a stage you would feel the happiness of having overcome the challenge. Unlike the majority of games today, old school games weren’t made to pander to a specific demographic or abide by Government policies; they were made to be fun which is exactly the way they should be.

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