Aladdin 2
Aladdin 2
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Aladdin 2

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The game is just a port of the SNES version, it features all the stages from the original game, although with fairy different color palettes. The game only has some predefined enemies and they show the same color palette in every stage.

Unlike the legit SNES version, the Mega Drive port lacks of the bonus mini-games that appear once you complete each stage. The game still shows a Continue screen once the player loses all the lifes, which has been very well recreated, but lacks Aladdin's monkey Abu (who doesn't appear outside of cutscenes)

The sound effects used in the game are pretty generic and mediocre, similar to what happens in other games like Hercules 2, Mulan or Pocket Monster and its sequel, the last two showing more noticeable similarities.

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